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Safe Place for Newborns is a non-profit organization that works to provide education and awareness about the Safe Haven Law in Wisconsin.

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The founding purpose, and continuing mission, of Safe Place for Newborns is to save the lives of newborns in danger of abandonment and to help preserve the health and future of their mothers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will anyone try to find me?

No, if you choose this option and safely surrender an unharmed newborn 72 hours old or younger to EMT, hospital employee or at a fire or police station you will not be asked any questions or punished in any way.

If I deliver at the hospital, how do I remain anonymous?

Once you make the decision to choose Safe Haven for your baby, all identifying information is removed from the infant’s medical record. When the infant is reported to the local child welfare agency, your name is not provided as the mother of the infant and your identity is protected.

What happens to my baby?

All Safe Haven infants are kept safe at the hospital until medically stable to be released to their pre-adoptive home. All infants are discharged directly to pre-adoptive families. They do not move through several foster homes. They are placed with a family pre-approved for adoption where a child welfare agency monitors the child’s well-being until the adoption is finalized.